Who we are

Strategy from concept to implementation

mas helps management teams, boards, and investors facing complex challenges, dealing with difficult strategic issues, developing opportunities, and improving their performance. We deliver elegant solutions for complex issues in strategy, corporate governance, information technology, and performance improvement, as well as helping our clients to put these into place. At the core of our firm is a group of partners with extensive management and consulting experience at executive and board level.


An elegant solution from mas is based on a careful analysis of the drivers and levers of the full scope of all the different perspectives, and also of the factors that may otherwise be forgotten and that may backfire later. Our elegant solutions deliver the maximum desired effect with the least effort, using the minimum of resources. It is the solution that is as effective as it is efficient.

Independence of mind

Independent thinking is another core attribute required for an objective situation analysis, the starting point for elegant solutions. We do not roll out standard approaches, as every client situation is unique and has a different context.


As entrepreneurs, we are free to say what we think and to do what we say. We have acquired a wealth of knowledge over the years, yet we know that we need to be humble and to continue learning.


As our clients do not follow “me too” strategies, they need sparring partners who are not afraid to put forward unconventional approaches, often derived from other environments where they have been proven.

The experience to recognise patterns

Our company is built around a core of highly experienced partners with years spent in top management and board level positions, as well as in consulting.


As a result, we are able to recognise the patterns in your business more easily, identify your strategic issues more quickly, and see the potential pitfalls and opportunities more clearly.


The extrapolation of past evolutions will not lead to a winning formula; the speed of change increases and the drivers change. Our Delphi Study method has been very instrumental in understanding upcoming trends and preparing our clients for the changes ahead.


Broad perspective

Often companies try to solve their challenges with one-sided concepts and perspectives – they often do so unconsciously. The product is important, but adequate governance is also vital; knowing your industry is key but disruption will often come from another angle and cultural and soft factors account for many company casualties.


The fact is that in today’s networked society most factors are interrelated and the best path of evolution is one that is able to consider and balance these in a skilled way.


Thanks to our broad and complementary backgrounds, we locate these influencing factors, challenge conventional thinking, and help you see more. This is the key to finding an elegant solution.


The principle of effectivity

Effectivity is about doing the right things, about engaging with the right path, and about lowering the risk of heading in the wrong direction.


At the beginning of an endeavor, there are many options and costs are low; changing course at this stage is not expensive. As time goes on, costs increase rapidly, options decrease and the cost of correction becomes very high.


This is why strategies and projects need to be thoroughly challenged in the set-up phase. The quality of analysis at this stage will inevitably drive the cost of implementation positively or negatively.


As experienced sparring partners, we will bring all the necessary skills and experiences together to make sure the principle of effectivity is respected.


Professionals only

Our partners and associate partners have proven management, consulting and board experience; this secures a holistic understanding of the challenges and a realistic solution approach. Each team member has very specific skills with a long achievement record of accomplishment in his field.


While projects are always the responsibility of a partner, the proficiency of team members allows a high degree of autonomy and parallel work streams.


Where and when needed, we will bring in complementary skills from our network partner companies in various fields, such as legal, technology, social media and more.


Getting it done

Going from strategy elaboration to implementation is a big step. The required skills are often not available and assigning an internal project leader can also create conflicts of interest with peers and superiors.


We differentiate ourselves from the others by our implementation capabilities. Thanks to the seniority of our people, we have the experience and authority to execute long and complex transformation projects in the program management role reporting to the top management.


In this function we coordinate all involved resources, both internal and external, leading to a well-orchestrated transformation that remains in full control of the associated risks.


Consulting for equity or a success fee

As we believe in what we do, we are ready to take part of our remuneration as a success fee or in equity held in mas investments, our partner-owned entity.

We have also invested in a technology fund that owns shares in some of the companies we consult.


Our markets

We are mainly active in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Recently we have expanded also into CEE, with opening our subsidiary in Czech Republic.  Our consulting industries in Switzerland are mainly Digital Transformation, Information Technology, Financial Services, Media and Energy. In Austria, we have specific expertise in Metals, Mining, Pulp & Paper, mainly in the intersection with ERP harmonization and logistics integration.

A number of assignments are also outside our core industries, leveraging our functional expertise and taking advantage of our experience in more advanced industries.



mas was founded in Zurich by François Jeannet and Dominique Freymond in 2003. They created a strategy consulting firm that supports top management and boards at the crossroads of crucial company developments and decisions. Only partners with line management, consulting and boardroom experience were invited to join the company, to work with clients until new strategies are successfully implemented.

In 2009 Heinrich Zetlmayer, a former Partner of François at Arthur D. Little, joined mas with the ambition of developing an investment advisory practice that would combine strategy work with co-execution skills in order to support private and corporate investors improve the performance of companies in which they hold shares. To “walk our talk”, we are willing to invest financially in these companies.

A year later, Herwig Gangl joined as the responsible partner in the Vienna office to develop the Austrian and German markets and to build a program management and turnaround practice. In 2014 Stefan Brunnsteiner joined the Vienna office to further develop this practice. The offices in Zurich and Vienna work as a seamless organisation, also covering Germany.

Since the creation of mas, we have continuously added new partners and associate partners, our highly experienced professionals who complement the partners in very specific areas of expertise. They usually have a long track record of collaboration with our partners.